Waterlogic Ice 900

The Ultimate Ice & Water Solution


The WL Ice 900 is the world’s first ice-making technology within a water purification system. It provides crystal clear ice, produced with the Freezing point method, and clean fresh tasting water. This dispenser utilizes reverse osmosis to give you fresh water and ice. When it comes to total filtration you cannot get better than reverse osmosis (RO). This stage removes chlorine, impurities, waterborne tastes and odours. RO achieves the removal of unwanted contaminates from the water leaving great-tasting water and ice.


  • A versatile dispenser for ice and separate hot, cold and ambient water delivery.
  • NEW user interface to prevent the inadvertent disabling of critical functions
  • Default function to cold: designed to automatically convert to cold water mode when in queue
  • Integrated ice-making and water-cooling system designed for high energy efficiency
  • Continuous water dispensing with a single touch
  • Leak detection system reducing risks of accident
  • Modern control panel with touch-sensitive buttons for easy operations
  • Blue LED lighting function indicators
  • NEW Stainless steel auger periodically agitates the ice bin to reduce clumping.
  • NEW design allows for efficient cleaning and sanitizing of the machine on location.