Why Choose Eaulogik / RepairWare

for your Drinking Water

Superior Products

Eaulogik provides a wide choice of premium water dispensers.  Water quality is based on many factors. Not only should the water taste great, it has to be safe to drink.


Certification from all Federal agencies

UV Light to kill bacteria and viruses 

Stainless Steel Sealed Water Tanks

Touchless Dispensing or Antimicrobial Buttons to prevent cross contamination


Certified High Quality Filters to remove Lead, Chorine, Cysts

Service by RepairWare

For over 25 years RepairWare has been a trusted name in Service and Repair in Canada. We started small in Montreal providing exceptional personal service. Our use of technology and personal touch allowed us to move ahead of our competitors. Our expansion across Canada came as a result of our customers wanting that same level of personal professional service nationally.

24 / 7 Customer Support.

You can always reach us by phone, text or email. Once installed Eaulogik water dispensers work day in, day out requiring no service.  Should a question or support of any kind be required, we are there.

Maintenance Guarantee

On average, our filters and UV lights are spec to last 18 months. We change them annually. If required to be changed more often because of excessive use, we will do so at no extra charge. Our rental program provides auto replacement if your unit can not be repaired within 24 hours.


$$$   Price Guarantee    $$$

Eaulogik guarantees the best competitive price on all our water dispensers.  Show us a lower price for an equivalent product from a competitor and we will beat it.