Blupura Hydrazon

Ambient, Hot, Cold and Sparkling Water


Touch-Free is Hydrazon’s new model, perfect to meet current requirements. Essential and elegant, to fit in stylishly in any surroundings. This water dispenser is the perfect solution for any office or workplace


  • Drip-tray full alert: a LED indicates when the drip tray is full. The drip tray also allows an optional drain connection.
  • Dispensing area: tall 11 inches and illuminated for easy refill of any type of container, bottles included!
  • Use of totally natural (HC) refrigerant gases, such as R600a.
  • Energy Saving function to reduce energy consumption during periods of non-use.
  • Anti-bacterial UV lamp operating at the outlet on each tap. As  demonstrated by numerous studies, UV rays have a sterilizing effect and prevent bacterial proliferation


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Eaulogik is an authorized distributor for Blupura