Piccola Cold, Hot, Ambient and Sparkling 


Contemporary design, amazing compactness, illuminated supply area, limitless convenience. A big solution for homes and office spaces.


  • Cold, ambient, sparkling and hot water.
  • Contemporary design,
  • Amazing compactness, Illuminated refuelling area,
  • Unlimited comfort.
  • A great solution for homes and offices.
  • Made in Italy
  • Hygienic technology Blupura Direct Chill.
  • Forced ventilation grill.
  • Drip tray.
  • A LED supply button with alarms for lack of water and flooding.
  • Certifications


  • For Sparkling water 5 LB CO2 Tank (good for 2 to 3 thousand glasses)
  • Filter and UV light should be changed every  12 months.
  • An annual scheduled maintenance visit once by a qualified technician