WL H2 Firewall Bar

Purified ice-cold still and sparkling water – High Volume



The stylish new WL3 uses Firewall™ UV purification to wipe out impurities ensuring an optimal quality of water at whatever time you dispense. The Firewall UV purifier technology eliminates 99.9999% of germs, delivering really pure water to your cup.


  • NSF 55 Class A and NSF P231 certified Firewall, patented UVC technology, deactivates most viruses, cysts and pathogenic bacteria, thoroughly purifying the water up to 99.9999%
  • The firewall UV lamp monitoring system guarantees consistent standards of water purification.
  • The sparkling system includes CO2 gas pressure control and is engineered to deliver supreme quality ice-cold carbonated water, comparable to even the finest bottled water.
  • Electronic push buttons allow for continuous dispensing (max 3 litres) or pre-set portion control to fill 750 ml and 1-litre size bottles.
  • Sequential dispense (one pre-set dispense after the other from each tap) can also be set up for peak-time usage
  • The ergonomic dispense area and the adjustable height drip tray are designed to accommodate various size vessels Clearly visible dispense nozzles BioCote® protected circular bottle holders allow for accurate positioning of the bottles, preventing displacement and unnecessary water spillage Versatile base cabinet (optional) converts the unit from countertop to freestanding and provides additional storage space
  • Removable steel side plate facilitates air filter cleaning operations as dust and dirt can penetrate through the grid LED side panel displays filter, Firewall and Ice Bath fault indicators, as well as other system diagnostics for optimum service efficiency and peace of mind Programmable energy-saving sleep mode to significantly reduce power consumption when the unit is not in use.
  • Types available Countertop and freestanding (with optional base cabinet) [Both available on request with hands-free pedal operations.]