27 December 2021

Studies suggest one of the main reasons people don’t drink enough water is because of the taste. Water is boring. But enough is enough; it’s time to enhance our water and make it fun!

Here are 3 reasons to upgrade to a bottle-less sparkling water machine.

1. Sparkling water can help you stay hydrated. You can relax if you’re concerned that sparkling water is worse for you than regular still water. It is as hydrating to drink sparkling water as it is to drink regular water. Furthermore, the fizz in sparkling water gives it a treat-like taste and feel.

2. Sparkling water is better for you than soft drinks. A few cups of bubbly throughout the day can help to curb unhealthy cravings. Sparkling water is a great alternative to soft drinks and juice.

3. Sparkling water is the newest trend. Yes, all the cool kids are drinking it! People are looking for alternatives to still water. They are discovering that sparkling water is a great-tasting way to stay hydrated. This is especially true for hired and incoming workforce, known as millennials.

Sparkling Water Machines by Eaulogik

Piccola Blugass Tower WL500

We have many point-of-use (POU) sparkling water dispensers. These machines have touchscreen interfaces that allow users to personalize their water. Employees and visitors can choose between still and sparkling water using these machines.

A sparkling water cooler dispenser will transform your break room.

To learn more about Eaulogik’s sparkling water coolers, please visit our website. Browse our selection to determine which machine is best for your office.