Eaulogik’s  Terms and Conditions

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If the product fails and cannot be repaired within a reasonable time, the unit will be replaced.

Purchase Price Includes:

1-year warranty

Annual maintenance is extra

Filters and UV light may be purchased separately.

Corporate Rentals

$145 for a standard installation within 15 feet of the water source.

Monthly and Yearly Rental Includes

Annual maintenance, filter, UV light changes

For units with Sparkling Water

A CO2 tank is required. A 5 LB CO2 tank with regulator   $295

Is good for approximately 3000 glasses. It is the customer’s responsibility to have the tank refilled. The regular cost is approximately $30 to have it refilled by a local supplier.

Refills by our tech support team is $135 including the refilled tank.

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